In our last meeting…

Today was special, even we were just few but we could analyze the rest of the book or the story (Study in Scarlet) which is written by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We dealt with the last chapters. It’s a really nice novel even it has a sad ending. However, it’s full of science and intelligence without forgetting that revenge was the most dominant Item in the story.

So,we knew as a readers that revenge does not come like that way, is takes reasons and pressures to drive the humanity to do something nasty to others without refuge to the law.
As a conslusion of our meeting we decide to start a new book called The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. 
by Youssef Idrissi Khaldi.

Re-cap of our last Meeting

In the last session we descussed the first four chapters of the short story (A study in scarlet) which is written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the famous writer who write’s short stories

What makes this story unique is that it is the first one where holmes and watson works togather

The session was fun and we had a good time but many people didn’t came and some of the participants didn’t read the chapters. 


           – Zakaria Hrir 

Meeting Today – Cancelled

Attention book club members! 
I cannot attend or host book club today due to the strike. 

I am very sorry, but it is out of my control. 

Next week, we will not have a meeting because it is midterm week and I know you will all be very busy. 

So, here is what I propose: You have three weeks to finish the entire book (A Study in Scarlet). We will meet again on 23/04/14 to discuss the whole novel and choose our next book. 
What do you think? Comment with your thoughts below! 

A Scandal in Bohemia

In Book Club’s last session we discussed Doyle’s first short story “A Scandal in Bohemia”. All members came with a lot of thoughts, questions and they all had different opinions about the book. We also dealt with the biography of the author and the most important stages of his life. The members also talked about the character of Sherlock Holmes, and questioned his manners and attitudes based on the story. Before heading directly trough the conversation Mrs. Lantz started the session with a mini game that made all the members exited and motivated for the discussion. In this latter, we all noticed the lack of romance in the short story. And the way Holmes talked about his opponent, the “Woman” who actually beat him and won his case.

– Anass Khabbaz